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Keeping it fair for all

  1. Safety is paramount. Please look after each other. You MUST report all near-miss and accidents to the health and safety team as soon as possible.

  2. At all times, you will retain the copyright of your photos.

  3. If a person (or persons) in the photo are prominent or easily recognisable, you MUST obtain a form of permission from them, phone, or email.

  4. Photos MUST be taken between 9.00 am 31 August to 12.00 pm 04 September 2022

  5. OneBase Photography can use any photos submitted to promote the following years' event. You will be credited for any images used.

  6. No composite images

  7. Strictly no drones to be used during the event.

  8. Photographers retain ownership of their images at all times, however, the winning images may be used for promotional purposes by One Base Photography and the Major Sponsors – being Viva Expeditions and Photogear.

  9. Participation accepts that Judge's decision is final and correspondence will not be entered into

  10. To ensure the success of future events, we have a mandatory survey that will be emailed to you before the end of the competition. 

  11. All participants must comply with government regulations regarding to Covid19

Who Are We



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